I’m Tarmo Riutta, violinist and violin teacher in Finland.

My original intent was to compose contemporary sounding tunes only for my beginner violin students. The further I went on writing new tunes, the more enthusiastic I became, and gradually I had a bunch of decent sounding music. So was Universal Violin born. 

Over the years I have realized that there is a true need in violin pedagogy for up-to-date sounding material which is also educationally relevant. In my opinion, the style of violin education materials should be something that the kids are familiar with.

That’s why the different genres of the tunes on Universal Violin go from World to Drum’n bass, from Ambient to EDM and from R’n’b to Epic. There is also a short scientific kind of story before every song, which gives inspiration to young players.

All the tunes of Universal Violin use the basic high 2nd finger pattern, and the album proceeds from open strings tunes up to 4th finger ones.

Universal Violin is also created to work in live situations. Violinists can connect their mobile phones via bluetooth or wire to loudspeakers and entertain an audience at family or school parties, or even outside. It’s highly recommended to download a QR-reader application onto the phone, so that the QR-code is read properly.

Background tracks are made with Ableton Live Suite daw, and Tone2 VST synthesizer Icarus 1.

I hope you all have great fun with Universal Violin!